Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross – A Real Hollywood Love Story

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross – A Real Hollywood Love Story

The ability of a Hollywood union to endure the test of time is uncommon. Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross, however, have certainly disproved all of the sceptics.

This celebrity powerhouse couple has been going strong since they married in 1984. The two initially met way back in 1969 when they met on the set of the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Ross was the leading lady while Elliott had a small part, causing him to be nervous to speak to the star.

The two crossed paths again on the set of the 1978 horror movie, “The Legacy.” Sparks flew and the two began dating.

It took a bit for Ross to get marriage right. Her marriage to Elliott was her fifth, having previously been married to Joel Fabiani, John Marion, Conrad Hall, and Gaetano Lisi. Ross ended up leaving Lisi in order to give it a go with Elliott.

Ross is Elliott’s biggest supporter. The newly wedded couple were on their honeymoon when Elliott was asked to audition for the movie “Mask.” While Elliott said he would not be able to make the reading because of the trip, his new wife made sure he was back in time to give it a shot.

He ended up winning the part, alongside the famous actress and entertainer Cher.The actor most recently impressed his audiences with his performance in the hit movie, “A Star is Born,” performing alongside Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Ross is most known for her role as Elaine Robinson in the hit film “The Graduate.” Most recently she has appeared in “The Stepford Wives” and “The Hero.”

The two have one daughter together, musician Cleo Rose Elliott. Elliott and Ross enjoy spending time at their Malibu ranch. They have owned and operated this ranch together since the 1970s.

Now you can check out the story of one of Hollywood’s greatest real-life love stories. After you watched this magical romance, be sure to spread the love to everyone else that you know. Happy couples like this deserve to be celebrated for their commitment to each other!


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