An elderly dog with bone cancer was kept on a chain without food or water in the backyard of a drunken man.

An elderly dog with bone cancer was kept on a chain without food or water in the backyard of a drunken man.

The vet expressed that this sort of disease is ordinarily brought about by significant harm and the contamination appearing as a growth; Sadly, this is accurate because the person who reported the incident witnessed the dog being viciously beaten by her booze-addled owner. He had it restricted and hidden in his yard for a really long time. Because of the short metal chain, it was unable to move more than two feet.

However, when the GWARP rescue team requested to rescue the boy, the owner refused, claiming that they could not remove ‘his property.’ As a result, they requested assistance from the local police.

“When we left him and went to talk to the cops, the dog almost sobbed. After a few hours, we were able to provide the owner with a correct paperwork, and he changed his mind. He told we couldn’t take the dog unless we’report’ him.”

“We agreed since the unfortunate dog needed medical checks and blood testing right now. Our boy also need an immediate amputation, with fabric samples sent to histology. There’s a long way to go.”

X-rays reveal Osteosarcoma, a kind of severe bone cancer. Fortunately, there is no metastases in his white lung, which indicates he has a slim chance of life. However, the tumor is rapidly expanding, and the skin is beginning to tear as a result of the rapid development. It’s growing by the day.

Jordan was given a long bath to take away his sorrowful background and the negative energy from his prior owner.

“The terrible news is that nothing can be done for Jordan in Azerbaijan; he needs to get a bit better to move to Turkey. His travel date will be in a few days.”

Jordan arrived in Istanbul and was briefly sedated so that X-rays of his complete body could be taken before to surgery.

Jordan’s amputation surgery is complete, and his tumor-ridden limb is no longer present. Everything went swimmingly.

It’s day 3 since Jordan’s amputation surgery. He’s a fast learner – got the hang of his new life instantly, his appetize also regained and he enjoy our food a lot… Please continue to wish him a speedy recovery and a very long life ahead. We all love you Jordan…


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