Woman Adopts Disabled Twins She Found on Street, 12 Years Later They Make Her Rich — Story of the Day

Woman Adopts Disabled Twins She Found on Street, 12 Years Later They Make Her Rich — Story of the Day

When Abbie got up and started walking, the streets were still pitch black, and the joggers hadn’t started their day’s workout routine. She made herself a cup of coffee, changed her husband Steven’s dressing, and washed her face.

Abbie donned her uniform and marched to work after drinking it three times quickly. As she always did, she had already prepared breakfast for Steven and left him a post-it note on the fridge.When she arrived at the first garbage dump of the day, she got out of her truck, emptied the bins, and gathered all the trash in one place. She was about to leave after loading them into her vehicle when she noticed an abandoned stroller in the middle of the road.

Wondering why a stroller was lying there with nobody visible in close sight, she decided to approach it. When she peeked inside, she jumped back, startled to find twin baby girls sleeping in it… “Jesus! Who would leave their children out here like this?” she wondered. Abbie looked around but didn’t see anyone. She knocked on a few nearby doors, asking if they knew anyone with twin baby girls, but no one did. Finally, Abbie called the cops and the CPS was called in, and the kids were placed in their care.

Love can create miracles and so much more than hatred can.

“You didn’t find anything on the girls, ma’am? No information, no ID, nothing?” Officer Barton asked her. “I didn’t,” she admitted. “But how—how can someone just leave such beautiful babies like that?” The officer smirked. “You have no idea how many cases we receive of parents simply abandoning their children. I mean, it’s insane. Why have them if you can’t take care of them? Anyway, ma’am, thank you for your cooperation. We’ll let you know if we come across anything.” “Thank you very much, officer,” Abbie said as she left.

That night at home, she felt terrible when she thought about the girls. Were they really abandoned? What if something terrible had happened to them? What if their parents were in trouble? What if…if their parents would never be found? Would Steven agree to adopt them?

Even Abbie knew she shouldn’t have been so pessimistic as to believe the girls’ parents would never be found, but a part of her wanted the children. The girls needed a loving home, and she and Steven had failed to conceive. “What do you think, honey?” she asked her husband over dinner. “Would you take them in?”

“Yes, they are,” continued the worker. “Whoever abandoned them… mostly didn’t want disabled children. We deal with numerous such cases on a daily basis. Sad. I’m curious if you’re still set on taking them in. Look, most couples don’t want an abnormal child.” “NO!” Abbie yelled, jumping to her feet. “Who said we were going to change our minds? I’d do anything to bring them home. Poor babies! How could anyone just…” Abbie was crying in Steven’s arms before she could finish her sentence, feeling terrible for the little girls. Her heart went out to those poor souls who had no one, and they were thankfully permitted to foster the girls.

The twins changed Steven and Abbie’s lives. Their joyous cries and laughter filled the entire house, and the couple couldn’t have been happier.


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