Why did The Last of Us actress Ashley Johnson file a restraining order against ex Brian Wayne Foster? Find out

Why did The Last of Us actress Ashley Johnson file a restraining order against ex Brian Wayne Foster? Find out

American entertainer Ashley Johnson has recorded a limiting request against her previous beau Brian Wayne Encourage with claims of verbal, physical, and mental maltreatment against him. The writer, according to the Last of Us actress, has carried out “countless” acts of terrorism against her and her family. Keep perusing for additional insights regarding her documenting.

Ashley Johnson files restraining order against Brian Wayne Foster

As per legal documents obtained by The Blast, the 39-year-old actress has filed a restraining order against her 40-year-old former boyfriend claiming that he changed the passwords to her home cameras after a huge fight between them and she is unable to feel safe inside her own home. The documents claim that Foster is “close to the edge, has the ability to murder, and will cause harm not only to me but to them.”

Johnson claimed that she was attempting to break things off with Foster for more than 2 and a half years, but was able to do it this month. The filing says that the police issued an emergency protective order because of his attempts to extort $150,000 from her, “history of verbal abuse, unhinged mind from his addictive use of narcotics, and several other reasons.”

Johnson further alleged that Foster began carrying “an ammo case and a large black bag” in which she further found a garotte which is a strangulation device and two air-soft guns.” She added that in April this year, he locked her out of Internet, and removed her access to all of her devices. “My mother, my family, my friends, and others contact me out of fear for my life. I was terrified. I vacated my home and stayed with my family,” her filing claims.

Ashley Johnson accuses Brian Wayne Foster of physical, mental, and verbal abuse
Johnson further accused Foster of physical, verbal, and mental abuse. The documents state that he broke glasses and gates, slammed doors, called her a stupid, useless, f*cking bitch, and a f*cking c*nt. She accused him of being “mentally unstable” and “in a constant state of mind alteration” where he has “increased paranoia” and an “inability to distinguish reality.”


As per the restraining order, Foster has to stay 500 yards away from her home, and 100 yards away from her dogs. A formal hearing regarding this case as well as the abuse and domestic violence allegations will be held in June. The two started dating in 2012 and announced their engagement in December 2018. Foster vacated Johnson’s house in the presence of LAPD.


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