Why did Kate Middleton refuse to sign an autograph for a school kid? Find out

Why did Kate Middleton refuse to sign an autograph for a school kid? Find out

Kate Middleton as of late would not sign a signature. However, other than the fact that the Princess of Wales was simply adhering to an unspoken royal protocol, there is no other explanation for this. Find out more about this by reading on.

Kate Middleton politely refuses to sign an autograph for a school child

On Monday, Princess Catherine, 41, paid a surprise visit to Chelsea Flower Show, where she spent time with school children. Kate Middleton attended the inaugural Children’s Picnic and toured different displays of the world-famous garden show with 100 kids from 10 different elementary schools.

As per PEOPLE, Kate joined children from St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Islington and Glenbrook Primary School in Brixton at the Royal Entomological Society garden, where they identified bugs and beetles on a wall full of modules. This is when the children, wanting a souvenir from Kate, requested her to sign their sketches.


However, the Princess of Wales politely refused, as she was heard saying, “I can’t write my name, but I can draw.” She then went on to draw a flower for a small girl named Ruby, a tree for a second child, and a pond surrounded by plants for a third child.

When asked again about why she couldn’t sign her name, Kate explained herself.


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