Sam Elliott Met His Wife On Set While He Was ‘A Glorified Extra’ & She Was ‘The Leading Lady’

Sam Elliott Met His Wife On Set While He Was ‘A Glorified Extra’ & She Was ‘The Leading Lady’

Westerns are an important element of American entertainment history. The action-packed genre features cowboys and gunslingers. Sam Elliott is a renowned Western actor. The Stranger in “The Big Lebowski” and Virgil Earp in “Tombstone” are among his best-known roles.

The actor is known for his mustache, deep voice, and height.Elliott decided to pursue acting after obtaining positive reviews for Guys and Dolls. His father was surprised he moved to Hollywood. Elliott’s father said, “He’s got a shot in hell at a career there.”

Elliott dislikes one part. The actor said he didn’t like scaring people. He won’t go. Too much negativity exists. He’d make people happy, cry, or realize they weren’t alone.

Elliott and Ross met in the 1978 gothic horror film Legacy and soon started dating. They married 4 months before their 1984 daughter’s birth.

His wife, Katharine Ross, and he worked on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Child, but he didn’t approach her then. She stole the show. He was a well-known bar scene extra. Before “The Legacies,” they never spoke. They’re sensitive but strive hard to be together. By, not against. So end relationships.

The couple worked together again on the Louis L’Amour adaptation “Conagher.” Elliott was nominated for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Film for his performance. He said working with Katarin was enjoyable in a movie interview. Always like this. His time at Konager is a career highlight. He’ll always feel this way.

Elliott said the key to a long, happy marriage is… One must want to be married, he says. A person must love himself and be willing to strive for it since it’s a two-way street. After then, a storm ensues. Ross said he was using a curler coaster and holding on tight.

See Katharine Ross
Born in Hollywood, California on January 29, 1940. Her family moved to Walnut Creek, California, and she graduated in 1957. Casey Tibbs was her friend and she liked horseback riding. After high school, Ross moved to San Francisco to act. She attended The Actors Workshop and appeared in several theater shows.

The star taught at The Actors Workshop and on Twinkling of an Eye’s set. She wasn’t sure if they opened. It was there when she was bitten by a bug. She learned a lot from everyone on site, from acting to taking tickets to props.

Ross was introduced to TV in San Francisco while learning to act. Sam Benedict’s casting name was known to her. They were filming in San Francisco and casting locals. She had two good scenes with Edmond O’Brien, so that’s not bad, said Ross.

In the interview, the actress discussed her job. Ross said she began acting in the 1960s, when many TV westerns were filmed, and landed roles in several of them. And they started working with great characters.

In 2014, Ross joined her husband in the National Cowboy Museum’s Corridor of Great Western Performers. She said she’d ride a horse if needed. She’s proud to be accepted into the Nice Western Performers Corridor of Fame.

When asked if Elliot’s voice, mustache, or rugged beauty attracted her, Ross said yes to all. They cooperated, and one led to another. Now they are. They’ve worked together on several projects throughout the years and have a happy marriage. Their love story is a western fairytale, and we wish them well.

Elliott and Ross’ work together enhances their connection. Like westerns? Have you watched any Ross and Elliot films or shows?


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