Demi Moore, 60, Shares Her First Photo with Newborn Granddaughter Who ‘Looks Exactly like’ Bruce Willis

Demi Moore, 60, Shares Her First Photo with Newborn Granddaughter Who ‘Looks Exactly like’ Bruce Willis

Demi Moore, an actress, reveals the special bond between mother and child online by sharing a touching moment as she holds her daughter’s hand during childbirth.

The striking resemblance between Bruce Willis’ granddaughter and the iconic actor has fans in awe—see how similar they are! Rumer Willis and Derek Thomas, accompanied by their adorable newborn daughter Louetta, make a stunning first public appearance.

Demi Moore, the iconic actress known for her roles in movies like “Indecent Proposal” and “The Scarlet Letter,” proved that age is just a number as she embraced the joy of grand motherhood in a heartwarming Instagram post.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, the 60-year-old actress shared her first picture with her newborn granddaughter, Louetta. Demi looked radiant and youthful while taking on the new role of being a grandmother. In the adorable snapshot, the star showcased her age-defying beauty by wearing a bikini as she held her precious granddaughter in her arms, exuding pure joy and contentment.

The striking resemblance between baby Louetta and her grandfather, Bruce Willis, is what caught the attention of many fans worldwide.

The proud grandmother seemed to revel in her special bond with her daughter, Rumer Willis, who welcomed little Louetta into the world on April 18.

Demi Moore Held Her Daughter’s Hand While She Was Giving Birth

As Mother’s Day came around, Demi and her daughter Rumer took to social media to express their love and appreciation for each other. In a touching post, Demi shared a series of photos.One snap included Demi at Rumer’s side, holding her hand shortly before she gave birth. The actress also shared a touching throwback photo of herself during her pregnancy with Rumer, showcasing the heartwarming bond between the two.

Demi has three daughters – Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah – with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, who has been struggling with dementia.In the caption of her sweet post, Demi wrote, “Circle of life. Happy Mother’s Day!” Her daughter, Rumer, also shared her own tribute.

She voiced her gratitude towards her mother for being a pillar of support during her shift into motherhood. Rumer expressed:The proud daughter continued by thanking her beloved mom for helping her “transition from maiden to mother,” realizing that now, she finally understood just how much Demi loved her and her sisters.

Bruce Willis’ One and Only Granddaughter Is the Spitting Image of the Actor, According to Fans
Rumer took to Instagram to express her love and gratitude to her newborn daughter, who was affectionately called Lou, and her partner Derek Thomas, whom she called her “partner in crime” in the “uncharted journey into parenthood.”



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In her post, Rumer noted that becoming a mother was a moment she had dreamed about her whole life—and it was priceless. The delighted new mother also thanked her sisters for sharing the life-changing moment with her. She added: “To have you there to share in the moment that I was able to bring my girl [into] the world is a moment I will never forget.”

Rumer Willis and Her Partner Derek Thomas Were Spotted on Their First Public Appearance with Newborn Daughter Louetta



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Rumer and her partner proudly made their first public appearance with their newborn daughter in May, creating a heartwarming sight for onlookers.Rumer’s vibrant, brightly dyed orange hair beautifully contrasted with the neutral tones of her clothing, catching everyone’s attention.

She was also featured in a maternity brand campaign during her pregnancy journey and exuded effortless style.


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