Dave and Jenny Marrs Are In Love With Parenthood! See the Cutest Photos of the HGTV Couple’s 5 Kids

Dave and Jenny Marrs Are In Love With Parenthood! See the Cutest Photos of the HGTV Couple’s 5 Kids

Dave and Jenny met when they were both working for Newell Rubbermaid in 2002. After falling in love, the couple quit their jobs at the company to focus on their careers in home renovation. In 2005, the owners of Marrs Developing tied the knot. They were thrilled to start a family. Jenny revealed to her followers in an interview in September 2016 that she went through a difficult fertility journey prior to becoming pregnant with twins Nathan and Ben.

In August 2013, The Berry Farm creators adopted their eldest daughter, Sylvie, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese government shut down soon after, suspending the adoption process. Jenny found out she was pregnant with their fourth child as they fought to bring Sylvie to the U.S.

First Day of School

“I’ve done this four times before. But, this time, I know it’s my last first-time walking through the preschool doors with my baby at my side,” Jenny captioned a photo from Luke’s first day of school in August 2022. “And I know that once we step through the doors, he will learn to spread his wings and find his footing in his own little world apart from me.”

Sibling Support
Luke’s four older siblings were there to see him off before his first day of school.

Having Fun
Dave and Jenny’s youngest child was all smiles while doing arts and crafts in class.

Her Baby
The doting mom snapped a photo with her little one to mark his huge milestone.

Birthday Girl
Dave shared a candid photo and a sentimental caption to celebrate Charlotte turning 8 years old in May 2022. “She is just like her mother, loves animals, always has a smile and just makes my heart so so happy!” he gushed. How sweet!

Quality Time
The happy couple spent some quality time with Charlotte at a restaurant. They marked the occasion with a selfie.

Family First
The Marrs clan was up bright and early for their Easter festivities in April 2022.

Cherishing Every Moment
The kids enjoyed a fun outing with their parents where they visited an ice cream shop and took a stroll around town.

Snow Day
Charlotte went out in the snow with her dad in February 2022 to help out around the yard. “This one right here! Always willing to go take care of the animals. Love my little farmhand!” the proud dad captioned the snap.

Painting Buddies
Luke looked adorable as he helped Dave paint a fence in January 2022.

New Pet
The Marrs family introduced a new addition to the family in December 2021, a lizard named Spike. “I’m still working on convincing @dave.marrs that we need the pig Char keeps asking for … a so-ugly-he’s-sort-of-cute lizard for the boys was our middle ground,” Jenny shared.

Sweet Treats
Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke gathered in the kitchen to eat some holiday treats in their Christmas pajamas.

Brotherly Love
While cleaning out the pool in November 2021, Nathan and Luke found a frog.

Stellar Students
The four eldest kids spent some time doing homework together in a March 2020 snap that Dave posted on Instagram.


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