Conor McGregor Sends Miami Heat’s Beloved Mascot to the ER in Promotional Bit Gone Wrong

Conor McGregor Sends Miami Heat’s Beloved Mascot to the ER in Promotional Bit Gone Wrong

Burnie, the adored mascot of the Miami Heat, ended the promotional video for Conor McGregor’s pain relief spray. During the middle of Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the visiting Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat, it all happened on Friday night. Burnie, a 7-foot-6 portrayal of the group’s fireball logo, came out wearing a robe and gold confining gloves what was clearly expected to be a drama.

At first, McGregor’s playfully dousing his pain relief spray on Burnie but then, out of nowhere, he clocks the mascot square in the head, sending Burnie flat to the ground. Making matters worse, McGregor lands one more punch and then all panic ensues, as one staffer seen wearing headphones pulls McGregor away from the mascot.

Perhaps unbeknownst to them, three promotional staffers playfully wave towels over Burnie’s head as if to give the mascot some air. They eventually drag the mascot away from the court by his legs while McGregor again sprays the mascot. The bit, however, went too far. The Athletic’s ace NBA reporter Sam Amick on Saturday reported that the punches landed the man who plays Burnie in the emergency room at a nearby hospital, where he was treated after getting leveled by the former UFC champion.

Citing a league source, The Athletic reports the man was given pain medication by a doctor. He’s since been discharged and recovering at home.


McGregor stayed for the rest of the game, only to see the Heat take another punch, losing 108-95. The Nuggets have a commanding 3-1 series lead and are one win away from their first NBA championship.

Maybe Liam Neeson was on to something?


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