Cindy Crawford Proves She Doesn’t Need Makeup, Even at 57

Cindy Crawford Proves She Doesn’t Need Makeup, Even at 57

Cindy’s charming transformation from a cozy appearance without makeup, with messy hair and comfy pajamas, to a glamorous appearance with makeup and a stylish outfit is shown in the video.


Shockingly, Cindy’s normal, immaculate excellence in the initial segment genuinely dazzled individuals’ hearts. Some even declared, “I actually think you are more stunning naturally,” in their amazement. You have the world’s most stunning face! That wasn’t the only occasion when we had the chance to see Cindy Crawford’s natural beauty shine through. She shared a selfie video where she appeared without any makeup and captioned it, “Baby hairs in the sauna.”

Fans couldn’t help but praise her stunning appearance, with one person describing her as the most beautiful woman of all time and another saying, ’’She’s a beautiful aging woman❤️’’Some fans were taken aback by Cindy Crawford’s natural look with no makeup and her hair tied up. One person even commented on the difference, saying, “You look so different 😍,” while another admitted, “OMG, I didn’t recognize you 😮.”

Another aspect that surprised her followers was the absence of her iconic beauty mark above her lip, which was not clearly visible in the video. One person asked, “Where is your iconic mole?” Earlier, Cindy Crawford admitted that she had a tough time dealing with the process of getting older. She felt overwhelmed by the idea of turning 50 and seeing her daughter stepping into the world she once dominated.

Cindy also noticed how the fashion industry has changed since her early days, with the emergence of social media allowing for a broader representation of beauty, “Beauty is everywhere we look — I think that’s very empowering for women.”

In an interview, she jokingly suggested that her 21-year-old look-alike daughter, Kaia Gerber, ’’stole’’ her luscious hair. Crawford admitted, ’’I look at my daughter and notice that her hair is shiny and healthy looking — she has my old hair, and I want it back!’’

She also mentioned that the changing texture of the hair is something we often overlook. Crawford explained, ’’I think we all expect to get gray hair, but I wasn’t aware that the texture was going to change, it was going to become more brittle, it was going to shed more.’’ Despite her comments, Cindy Crawford’s hair continues to look fabulous, and it has even motivated her to create an age-proof hair care system for her beauty line. She expressed that the project has become her “passion,” aiming to address her aging hair and provide a solution for other women facing similar issues.

We’ve always been curious about how celebrities maintain their stunning looks as they age. Luckily, some stars like Jennifer Lopez are open to sharing their beauty secrets with their fans, and we’re ready to take notes.


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