‘America’s Got Talent’: Country Singer’s Tribute to Late Father He Lost at 10 Brings Audience to Tears

‘America’s Got Talent’: Country Singer’s Tribute to Late Father He Lost at 10 Brings Audience to Tears

With a song he wrote in memory of his late father, one country singer moved the “America’s Got Talent” audience to tears. He performed alongside major artists on grand stages prior to participating in the competition.On June 6, 2023, “America’s Got Talent (AGT)” released footage of an audition by one talented country singer who had a heartbreaking story about how he got into music. Mitch Rossell was one of the singers who took the spotlight during the talent show’s auditions.

He took to the stage with his guitar and distinctive cowboy look, including the boots and hat. When asked what his ultimate dream was, Rossell said it was to reach his potential and to play on stadiums one day.

Rossell then revealed he would perform an original song titled “Son,” one of the most personal things he’d ever written. He confessed to the judges and audience that it was a true story about his life before he started strumming his guitar.

The country musician sang about the memories he had with his late father, going fishing, and having heart-to-hearts. The artist sang about how his father told him he hoped he knew how much he was loved.

He said his father mentioned that Rossell had to know he was thinking of him when he was gone. The touching song also revealed that the singer’s parent’s world revolved around him, so he called him “son. “The audience and judges were moved by his lyrics and cheered and clapped as he took them on a musical journey. The artist confessed wanting to live with his father, but God had other plans.

Rossell then revealed how his father suddenly died in an accident with a drunken driver. Everyone was shocked and heartbroken for him as he noted how he couldn’t let his grief go and how mad he was at God.

The country singer shared with everyone that it started raining when his son was born, and he swore it was his late father’s tears. Some audience members were so touched they started tearing up and wiping tears away.

The contestant rounded off his song by sharing how he said the exact words to his son that his father once spoke to him. He said his son was why he’d continue reaching for the stars and that his world revolved around him.



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After strumming the last chord of his tribute, everyone in the audition room stood up, screaming and clapping! Heidi Klum noted how Rossell had written a “beautiful song” and that everyone in the room felt what he was singing.



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Howie Mandel thought the lyrics and the emotion the artist sang with was a great sentiment, with beautiful words and brilliance. He confessed that as a father of three, his world also revolved around them, while Sofia Vergara added:

“That was spectacular, your voice was amazing, the song was amazing.”The last AGT judge, Simon Cowell, said he loved each part of Rossell’s performance and that hearing a pin drop the entire time was a “sincere” compliment to the singer. Cowell shared how he thought people would connect with the artist and his track, stating:


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