Amanda Kloots Recalls Nick Cordero’s Feelings About Fatherhood Ahead of Son’s Fourth Birthday

Amanda Kloots Recalls Nick Cordero’s Feelings About Fatherhood Ahead of Son’s Fourth Birthday

Amanda Kloots is praising her child Elvis’ birthday by thinking back on her late spouse Scratch Cordero’s sentiments about parenthood.

Kloots took to Instagram Saturday to share a Reel chronicling Elvis’ introduction to the world and his initial not many long stretches of life close by his folks, especially the late Broadway star. A recording from Cordero’s one-man show Live Your Life, in which he discussed becoming a father, was dubbed into the video.”I know a lot of you… So, I’m sure that you are aware that my wife Amanda and I are expecting our first child,” Cordero is heard saying, to the applause of the audience. “And we’re so excited. Appropriately terrified, but excited.”

“I think we’re ready, right? We’re ready,” he continued, as more clips and pics of those early days of fatherhood flashed on. “We’re as ready as we’re gonna be. But that transition, I would imagine — I’m going through it now, but that transition from not being a parent to being a parent is an interesting one, and you can only suppose at what you’re in for. You don’t really know.” Cordero added, “And so, this song is about that transition. It’s called ‘The Mother.'”

The couple welcomed Elvis in June 2019, just eight months shy of the coronavirus pandemic that would tragically take Cordero’s life. He died in July 2020 at 41 years old from complications of COVID-19 after a three-month hospitalization.

Kloots reflected on Cordero’s comments about becoming a parent in the caption and the emotion she’s felt about celebrating another birthday for their son without his father around.



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“On the eve of Elvis’s 4th birthday I am reminded of this beautiful recording from Nicks one man show about becoming a parent. He was beyond excited for Elvis to be born, to become a father. He wrote in his baby book, ‘I hope you’re kind, confident, and happy. I hope you find joy and that you’re able to see the wonder in the world. I hope you know above all that you are loved,'” Kloots wrote. “I think Nick would be so proud of his little boy. Not only because he’s a little rockstar, just like his daddy, but because Elvis is so full of love, happiness and joy. I promised Nick I’d give Elvis the world and I will forever try to fulfill that promise. ❤️”

She continued before sharing how lucky she feels to have this recording of Cordero’s voice and the sweet photos and videos that accompany it, “I cannot believe our little man turns four tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been extremely emotional about it. Putting my armor on tonight. ❤️ “On a sidenote- how lucky are we to have this recording. One day Elvis will get to hear his Dad talk about becoming his father. It’s a beautiful silver lining! Take videos. Take pictures. Record things, your voice, a letter! You can never have enough!”On Sunday, The Talk co-host marked the special occasion with a flurry of memories from the past year and a touching message for her little “Elvito.”

“My favorite memories from this past year as Elvis turns 4 today! Happy 4th birthday to my beautiful little boy!,” Kloots began before sharing a story from his preschool days. “I drop him off at preschool every morning and we are always running 30-45 minutes late so he’s the last to arrive. (🤪) Anyways, he walks into his classroom and everyone screams, “Elvis!” Then one by one they get up and run to hug him. It’s so many hugs that he slowly falls to the ground and is at the bottom of a pile of toddlers.”

Set to Styx’s “Come Sail Away,” the video featured photos and videos of Elvis over the last year from adorable moments at home, to Halloween celebrations and time in the sand and snow.



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“This happens every day! I turn to leave, take a breath, hold my heart, and with tears in my eyes walk to my car thanking God for giving me this sweet little boy. Every day!,” she continued. “I love this child more than life itself. I genuinely love being around him, he makes me laugh and smile every day. The things he’s doing now and learned this past year have blown my mind.”

Kloots added, “I wish I could freeze time but can’t wait to see what this year brings. I’m so in awe, so proud and so impressed by my little buddy. Team forever. Happy birthday Elvito!”She continued, “It’s bonkers just the way his legs are, just the way his head nods. I mean, everything — I’m just like, ‘Wow, you are your dad for sure.'”


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