Adopted Girl Cries When She Sees Her First B-Day Cake Ever, Gets $40K from Bio Dad Next Day – Story of the Day

Adopted Girl Cries When She Sees Her First B-Day Cake Ever, Gets $40K from Bio Dad Next Day – Story of the Day

A happy couple adopts a young girl and gives her her first birthday cake. She gets a surprise gift from her biological family the next day.

Melanie wanted a family when she was six years old. She had been placed in foster care since she was two years old, when she was too young to even remember her parents. She often asked herself: “Who were they? Did they love me?” Then she’d cry and whisper: “Why didn’t they want me?” But one day, something wonderful happened, something Melanie had been praying for. A social worker came to visit Melanie and with her came a young couple. The man winked at Melanie and grinned, the woman smiled. She had the sweetest, kindest eyes Melanie had ever seen.

The man, Gordon, looked shocked by Melanie’s question, but Helen knelt down so she could look Melanie in the eyes and said, “We want to adopt you because we want the nicest, funniest, prettiest girl in New York City to be our daughter.” Melanie smiled a big, sunny, happy smile and threw her arms around Helen. She had found a family who wanted her, and was willing to love her for herself!

Melanie went to live with Gordon and Helen and discovered that having parents was both wonderful and terrible. It was wonderful because you had two people giving you all their love and attention all the time.In a real family, you don’t get away with anything because people CARE about you! It was a wonderful realization, and when Helen told Melanie she had to clean her room before dinner, she cried, “Thank you, thank you!” and hugged her.

Helen laughed. “I have to tell you off more, Melanie!” she exclaimed. “Yes, please,” Melanie cried. “Then I know you care!”

Six months went by, and life fell into a pattern that was comfortable for the little family. They got to know each other. Melanie knew not to make noise in the mornings because Gordon worked the night shift. Gordon learned not to scare Melanie with plastic spiders because she was REALLY scared, not fun, pretend scared. Helen learned that both Gordon and Melanie loved peanut butter cookies. They’d sit on the back porch and devour a whole jumbo packet in five seconds, stuffing the whole cookies in their mouths to see who could eat faster. They all learned what it’s like to be a happy family.

But then something awful happened. Gordon was hurt at work and had to spend several weeks in the hospital. Helen looked more and more worried as the days went by.

Melanie was a bright girl. She knew that doctors cost a lot of money. Sometimes she would hear Helen cry late at night, and she’d creep into her bed and hug her. “Thank God for you, Melanie,” Helen would whisper and kiss her. Melanie got up and followed Helen and Gordon to the dining room. There was a big banner on the wall that read: “Happy Birthday Melanie!” and on the table was the most beautiful birthday cake she’d ever seen! “That for me?” asked Melanie in a whisper. She came closer and saw the writing on the cake in silver with stars all around: “Happy Birthday Melanie.” “It’s got my name on it!” Melanie exclaimed and burst into tears. She started sobbing so hard that Helen and Gordon were frightened and upset. “Please, Melanie,” Gordon said. “Why are you crying, honey?”

“I know,” the man said, smiling. “I was there when you were born. You must know that your mommy and daddy loved you very much, Melanie. But when you were a year old, your mom went to heaven. “Not long after that, your dad discovered he was very sick. He wanted to make sure he did everything he could for you, so he asked me to sell everything he had.” The man took out a piece of paper and gave it to Melanie. “He wanted me to give you this money when you were eighteen, or when you were adopted by a good family. I know Helen and Gordon are good people who love you. This is for you and your new family.”

Melanie gave the paper to Helen who started crying. It was a check for $40,000. Melanie’s birth family had reached out and helped her new family when they needed it most!


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