Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Seen Wearing Police Uniforms on ‘Bad Boys 4’ Set

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Seen Wearing Police Uniforms on ‘Bad Boys 4’ Set

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are getting ready for Bad Boys 4.

On Wednesday, Smith, 54, and Lawrence, 58, were spotted recording a scene for the impending film prepared in their full police office regalia in character as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, separately.Lawrence was seen wearing sunglasses, long sleeves and a bullet-proof vest as part of his costuming for the scene, with a prop assault-style rifle hanging from his waist. Smith, positioned behind Lawrence, wore similar costuming — save for a short-sleeved shirt.

Wednesday’s sighting makes for at least the third time the costars have been spotted filming scenes for Bad Boys 4.
Smith and Lawrence were last photographed filming Bad Boys 4 in Atlanta on May 17. In one photograph from the shoot, Lawrence was pictured screaming on the ledge of a building wearing a hospital gown that blew in the breeze as Smith looked on.The longtime Bad Boys costars appeared virtually at CinemaCon 2023 in April to tease the upcoming film, stating at the time that they were four weeks into filming the series’ fourth entry, according to Variety.

“We’re not sorry we couldn’t be there,” Lawrence told the convention’s Las Vegas audience. “We glad we not there because we here and they’re paying us to be here,” Smith added at the time, noting that the costars are “hype” and “excited” for Bad Boys 4.Smith and Lawrence announced Bad Boys 4 was in the works back in January, when they both shared a video on Instagram that they each captioned: “IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME!” “I wish I was you not knowing what I’m about to show me,” Smith told the camera.

Upon arriving at his costar’s home, Smith greeted Lawrence, who opened the door and asked with a smile, “It’s about that time?” as they confirmed production on the fourth film.


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