Why did Twitch star Kai Cenat criticize Kick while promoting a show? Here’s what we know

Why did Twitch star Kai Cenat criticize Kick while promoting a show? Here’s what we know

During a live stream, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed criticized the streaming service Kick saying that they “missed out” on having him onboard. Kick had been aggressively courting Kai when tensions between Kai and Twitch rose due to repeated bans for violating the platform’s terms of service.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kai Cenat mocked Kick while simultaneously expressing enthusiasm for Rumble, his forthcoming show with iShowSpeed. Despite Kick’s long-standing interest in Kai Cenat, his most recent comments suggested that the streamer has given up on the idea of joining the service.

Why did Kai Cenat mock Kick?
This criticism seems to have a much more personal angel. Adin Ross, a well-known Kick presenter and avid promoter of the service, constantly made efforts to recruit both Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed, displaying his desire to have them join the Kick community.



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During a live streaming session with iShowSpeed, Kai called out Kick and said: “I’m sorry Kick. Rumble up! You know what? You know what? Yo, Kick! If you wanted us, you could have had us! W Rumble.” Kick’s previous efforts to help Kai Cenat when Twitch banned him, at which time they openly criticized the rival streaming service for making a “priceless” mistake, seem to have failed.

Meanwhile, Kai has previously criticized Adin Ross for saying that Kick made him a 40 million dollar deal. Ross received criticism from him for lying about the contract that never came through.

Fans reaction to Kai Cenat calling out kick


After the stream, several viewers gathered on social media to discuss Twitch star Kai Cenat mocking the streaming service. One person commented, “Basically dissing adin.” A second person wrote, “I mean be real who tf is watching kick.” Another person wrote, “Good let @KickStreaming get some quality content and not this crap.”


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