Utah Doctor Specializing in Psychedelics Kills 16-Year-Old Son in Murd@r-Su!c!de Amid Custody Dispute

Utah Doctor Specializing in Psychedelics Kills 16-Year-Old Son in Murd@r-Su!c!de Amid Custody Dispute

Authorities believe that his father, a doctor, committed a murder-suicide that resulted in the death of a beloved teen from Utah.

According to a news release, the bodies of Parth Gandhi and his 16-year-old son were discovered by police in Salt Lake City on Saturday inside an office complex where Gandhi worked. On a GoFundMe page, the son’s family has named him Om Moses Gandhi. According to his website, Gandhi was a neuropsychologist who also specialized in psychedelic therapy at Salt Lake City Psychedelic Therapy and Research.

While the manners of death of the pair were not disclosed, KSL-TV, citing police, reports the murder-suicide involved a firearm.

Pending the autopsy reports, police also said it was unclear if psychedelics were used prior to the killings. The GoFundMe page describes the teen victim as a beloved brother and son who “always looked out for others.”

“Friends knew he was genuine in his caring. He endured years of witnessing abuse of every kind imaginable, yet in the quiet strength of his soul, he cared most about protecting his younger sister and his mother,” the fundraiser description reads.

Om loved camping and kayaking with his cousins. “He taught himself to play the piano, played the bass clarinet and drums, and was a gifted saxophone player. Sadly, Om had his saxophone in hand the day he was senselessly murdered,” the description continues.

Citing court documents, KSL reports Om’s parents were in the middle of a lengthy custody battle when he was killed. His mother, Leah Moses, said Gandhi was abusive.

“My son Om’s death was preventable,” Moses said in a statement shared by the National Safe Parents Organization, per the outlet. “The family court system professionals ignored my pleas for help to keep my son safe.”

“My son’s father persuaded everyone I was the problem, when in fact I was just trying to protect my child. I never want this to happen to another family, to another child. If the courts would listen to and believe survivors, this nightmare could stop,” Moses’ statement said.

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