Tina Turner’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Cancer, Stroke, and Kidney Disease Before Her P@$$ing

Tina Turner’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Cancer, Stroke, and Kidney Disease Before Her P@$$ing

The iconic “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Tina Turner, passed away at the age of 83, shocking her fans and fellow celebrities. However, Tina’s family mentioned in the official announcement of her death that she had been secretly battling health issues for some time. Tina Turner, the unbelievable ‘Sovereign of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ calmly died today at 83 years old after a drawn out disease at her home in Küsnacht close to Zurich, Switzerland,” expressed the declaration. ” The world is without a music icon and inspirational figure as a result of her departure.”

Iconic Musician Tina Turner Confronted These Three Major Disease

In her final years, Tina reportedly suffered from a stroke and faced challenges with kidney disease and other ailments. Additionally, she had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2016. Despite her numerous health obstacles, her spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail on May 25, 2023—just one day after her passing—that she succumbed to “natural causes.” Now, let us delve into the health struggles of the music legend Tina Turner before her demise.

The Grammy Award-winning singer reflected on a harrowing experience detailed in her 2018 memoir titled “My Love Story.” The incident took place in October 2013, a few weeks after her marriage to long-time partner, German music executive Erwin Bach. Awoken suddenly and overcome with panic, she described feeling as if a lightning bolt had struck her head and right leg. Moreover, she struggled to communicate her distress due to a peculiar sensation in her mouth caused by the stroke. In her own words, she expressed her realization that the situation was not promising, but it turned out to be even worse than her worst fears—she was indeed having a stroke.

Following the stroke, Tina Turner found herself unable to walk, a deeply distressing moment for the renowned singer. Despite possessing legs that had danced with grace and muscles of steel, she lacked the strength to rise from her incapacitated state. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, she hesitated to seek assistance. Filled with terror, she managed to drag herself to a nearby sofa, all the while grappling with the disbelief that the legendary Tina Turner could be rendered paralyzed. In that vulnerable moment, she doubted her ability to ever don high heels again, let alone dance in them. However, after a ten-day hospital stay, she gradually regained her mobility.

Tina faced the diagnosis of intestinal cancer in 2016, three years after her stroke. A surgical procedure was performed to eliminate the cancerous polyps from her intestine, and it proved to be a successful operation. Regrettably, her health complications did not cease there.



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Mental Health Struggles
Like many individuals, Tina faced significant challenges with her mental health, particularly during her tumultuous first marriage to Ike Turner. Throughout this period, Tina found herself in a desperate state and even contemplated ending her own life. In her candid reflections, Tina acknowledged, “I made a genuine choice to embrace death. Each morning, I woke up consumed by unhappiness.”

However, this distressing experience led Tina to a profound realization that ultimately altered the trajectory of her life. Emerging from the depths of despair, she firmly believed that her survival held purpose and meaning. Tina recognized her existence as being guided by a higher calling, instilling within her the determination to persevere. This transformative revelation served as a turning point in her life journey.


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