Taylor Swift fans upset about people following singer’s car and chasing her home in NYC

Taylor Swift fans upset about people following singer’s car and chasing her home in NYC

Some people are following Taylor Swift’s car and chasing her home in New York City, which upsets her fans.

The 33-year-old Grammy-award-winning singer is spending her time in NYC between her Eras Tour dates. She is frequently photographed at Electric Lady Studios in NYC where Taylor is believed to be working with Jack Antonoff on a collaboration. Often, fans crowd this place and they wait for a glimpse of Taylor while she gets in and out of the studio. However, some people are not satisfied with just a sneak peek and instead start chasing her car and following her home. And now, a section of the Swifties has taken it upon themselves to call these people’s actions out on social media.


Swifties react to people following Taylor Swift to her home
On Monday, May 22, Taylor arrived at the NYC recording studio. By the time she left, many fans gathered outside the studio to catch a glimpse of her. Some people even followed her car as it drove to her residence. On the other hand, some fans were waiting outside her residence as the car pulled into the garage.





Taking to Twitter, Swifties started calling out this behaviour. One fan said, “Chasing down her car and following her home? Stop it. That is so unnecessary invasive. She’s a human being, not a zoo animal. Please be more considerate.” A second fan wrote, “thinking about taylor’s security taking a video of everyone outside the studio today……. hope those 4 seconds you saw her was good enough because you are never seeing her ever again (crying face emoji)” A third user wrote, “These “fans” are ruining every piece of the relationship that Taylor has attempted to establish with us since day one of her career. Basic respect and safety are not topics of debate simply because she has a large following. If you are truly a fan of Taylor, leave her ALONE.”

Check out a few of Taylor Swift’s fans’ tweets below


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