‘Sweetest Grandpa’ Ron Howard’s Family Got a New Addition — His Daughter Shares Pic of Her Cute Newborn…

‘Sweetest Grandpa’ Ron Howard’s Family Got a New Addition — His Daughter Shares Pic of Her Cute Newborn…

Ron Howard, the star renowned for starring on “The Andy Griffith Show,” got a new addition to his family in 2023. On January 6, 2023, his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, shared several Instagram photos of her spending quality time with their family.

In her caption, the star’s daughter noted that the pictures were of how her family spent the 2022 holidays. The first image showed her smiling as she posed before a lit Christmas tree.

Bryce shared how the holidays included things like “twinkling Christmas tree lights,” “hugs with our new nephew,” “silly faces with Pogee,” and “foggy mornings in the woods.” She also noted how the watch featured in the images was “to count the blessings of time.”

The family also decorated gingerbread cookies and enjoyed a “Howard shuffleboard championship trophy,” and their dog, Story, smiled as she took a walk. Ron’s daughter said she’d felt “grateful,” “full,” and ready for new beginnings.

Bryce had three siblings, and her new nephew was their father’s possibly seventh grandchild. Of all the siblings, Reed, Bryce, and Paige were the most active and open on social media, while Ron’s other daughter, Jocelyn, was more private.

It was possible the new baby boy shared by Bryce was Jocelyn’s, but the Howard family had a new addition, and we extend our congratulations to them! The image of the baby boy could be seen by swiping through the photos in Bryce’s holiday post.

Who Are Ron’s Grandchildren?
Ron became a grandparent when Bryce and her partner, Seth Gabel, welcomed their first child, son Theodore “Theo,” in 2007, a year after they married. In 2012, the couple’s daughter, Beatrice, was born.

Reed, the actor’s only son, was also a father with one daughter, as seen in his 2021 Instagram post. In 2019, People magazine said Ron and his high school sweetheart and long-term wife, Cheryl, were grandparents to five children.

Paige got married in May 2022, and it seemed she didn’t have any children judging by her social media accounts. In 2019, it appeared Paige’s twin sister, Jocelyn, was a parent to two children, but because she stayed out of the limelight and was rarely seen, it was a surprise to see her alleged children.

In January 2020, Ron shared an Instagram image of the two children sitting and watching a cartoon with an adult. Later that year, in April, the star uploaded another photo showing his granddaughter, Elodie Vivian, who was born on April 4, 2020.The actress [Bryce Dallas Howard] said she had memories with her father [Ron Howard] that she treasured from childhood.

The child could’ve been Jocelyn’s, which made the total of Cheryl and Ron’s grandchildren six; plus the recent one shared on Bryce’s post, the tally went up to seven! Although Ron was a big celebrity in Hollywood, he was just a doting and loving grandfather to his grandchildren.

What Kind of Grandfather Is Ron?
In December 2020, Bryce revealed that her son, Theo, appeared to have inherited Ron’s artistic and imaginative mind. She also shared how Beatrice, then three, was like her grandfather as she was a natural leader and gregarious.

During Christmas in 2019, Bryce walked in on her father showing Theo “Andy Griffith Show” episodes on YouTube. The “Jurassic World” actress was touched when she heard Ron telling his grandson that it was him on the screen at the boy’s age.

Cheryl’s daughter also noted that her children “worship[ed]” their grandparents and looked forward to the sleepovers. The children would sleepover at the grandparents’ home when they were in town, with Bryce sharing:“He’s the sweetest granddad, and I love that both of my children have a unique and special relationship with him.”

The actress said she had memories with her father that she treasured from childhood. Seeing him playing with her children and doing things with them that she once did with him made her happy.

However, what could beat that was having her father direct her in a project, as it was her biggest dream to work with him one day as an actress. So far, Ron has played the role of mentor, father, “best friend,” role model, and grandfather to her children.


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