Shaun Cassidy’s Mom Shirley Jones Is Fabulous with White Hair & Sparse Eyebrows at 89 – She Glows as Grandma of 13

Shaun Cassidy’s Mom Shirley Jones Is Fabulous with White Hair & Sparse Eyebrows at 89 – She Glows as Grandma of 13

Patrick Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy’s brother, celebrated Shirley Jones’s 89th birthday on his Instagram account. The actress was shown holding a newborn child, probably Patrick, in a black-and-white photograph, which was the first moving image.

The accompanying pictures included Patrick presenting with Jones and his sibling, Shaun, over time. Since some of them hadn’t seen the star in a while, the post made many former “The Partridge Family” fans feel nostalgic.

Patrick’s social media post also stood out because he phrased his birthday message to Jones, who glowed while surrounded by family. He touched on their history as former colleagues and even mentioned that they were set to meet.

Shirley Is 89: Her “Son” Posts Touching Photos
In “The Partridge Family,” Jones used to play the role of Patrick and Shaun’s character’s mother. So on his birthday post, Patrick wrote, “Happy Birthday to Mrs. Partridge, Marian The Librarian, but most of all, our MOM.”

Shaun’s brother confessed that he missed their mother and couldn’t wait to see her in July 2023. Taking to Facebook on his mother’s birthday, Shaun uploaded a throwback photo of Jones in her younger years and a more current one.

He revealed that the first image was taken 68 years ago when the actress celebrated her 21st birthday, and the next one was during lunch with her the day before. Shaun described his mother as “ageless” before wishing her well.Charles Tranberg, an author, also uploaded a throwback and a current photo of the star and wished her a happy birthday. Tranberg acknowledged how the celebrity was best known for starring in “The Partridge Family,” but that she was an incredible singer and had appeared in many classic musicals.

The author also noted how Shaun’s mother had won an Oscar Award for “Elmer Gantry.” A fan was surprised to see what Jones looked like currently, saying “Wow,” and noting how the actress looked “fabulous.” Retro Girls With Curves, also shared an old black and white picture of Jones wearing a swimsuit to celebrate her birthday. One person described the actress as their “1st crush on a ‘mature’ woman,” with her being 37 at the time and the fan was six!

Someone else felt the star “started out as a beauty and grew more so along the way” before wishing her a happy birthday. The Flashback to the 80’s Facebook page honored the celebrity with various photos.A follower described Jones as their “favorite Partridge Family mom!!” while someone else felt the celebrity was “still pretty even at the age she is now.” The person also thought gray hair suited the star.


A fan wished Jones a happy birthday on The 1970s Limited Edition Facebook group with a past and a current look. One person replied to the post, acting surprised to see the latest look of the actress, and said:

From a Rebellious Tomboy to a Grandmother of 13


Jones was a virgin and a small-town 21-year-old girl when she first met Jack Cassidy, her future husband. The actress credited him with teaching her “absolutely everything” about life, including parties, drinking, and designing.


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