Robert de Niro’s Much Younger Girlfriend Carried His 7th Child at 38 — She Bonded with His Biracial Autistic Son

Robert de Niro’s Much Younger Girlfriend Carried His 7th Child at 38 — She Bonded with His Biracial Autistic Son

The youngest of Robert De Niro’s seven children is with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, who gave birth to her first child at the age of 38. He has seven children with four different women. Presently 79, web clients pummeled the celebrity for having one more youngster at his age. Multiple times, he and his partner have been seen with his older, biracial children, including his autistic son.

Robert De Niro is one of the world’s best actors. With at least 144 films under his belt, he’s a veteran that’s had a fantastic career. Born on August 17, 1943, in Manhattan, New York, De Niro always had art in his blood. His parents, Virginia Admiral and Robert De Niro Sr., were artists.

De Niro is of European descent; his ancestry includes Italian, Irish, Dutch, English, German, and French blood. He learned more about acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory and the American Workshop before getting recognition in “Bang the Drum Slowly” in 1973.

That same year, he starred in “Mean Streets,” his first film with director Martin Scorsese. In 1974, he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Scorcese’s “The Godfather Part II.”De Niro would end up working with Scorsese in eight films in total. As for what makes working together so good, the actor once said it was the director’s ability to give him leeway, other than the fact that Scorcese is directing.

It was only the beginning for De Niro, who would spend years dominating the industry for his versatile acting. He received several nods from the Academy Awards—he was nominated for Best Actor in 1976, 1978, and 1991 for “Taxi Driver,” “The Deer Hunter,” and “Cape Fear” respectively.He won the same prestigious award in 1980 for his role in “Raging Bull.” Aside from the Oscars, he also has four Golden Globe nominations. He received the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 and the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2010.

At 79, De Niro isn’t retired and remains active in the industry, mostly working on movies. His most recent project, “About My Father,” came timely given the state of his personal life.During a promotional interview for the film, the dad spoke about being a father to his children and his love language. While he doesn’t like to lay down the law, ge said there are times when he needs to. He expounded

De Niro doesn’t consider himself a “cool dad,” but just “okay.” He says while he and his children disagree on certain things, they have always been respectful toward him.

During the interview, De Niro caught his interviewer and the public by surprise when he made a candid admission. When the journalist mentioned he had six children, he quickly corrected her and said., “Seven, actually. just had a baby.”

Following the revelation that he welcomed a child at 79, the internet went berzerk. Some felt he was too old to welcome a new baby, given the short amount of time he would have with the child.

“Robert De Niro sired a child who will spend most of his childhood fatherless. The celebrities are so selfish and cringe,” a user wrote. Another wrote that while De Niro’s decision was selfish given he won’t likely see his child reach adulthood, the mother was equally selfish.De Niro was married twice but has children with four different women. He shares his eldest children, Drena, 51, and Raphael, 46, with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott. He also shares twin sons Aaron and Julian, 27, with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith. Then he welcomed Elliot, 25, and Helen, 11, with his ex-wife Grace Hightower.

In his own admission, De Niro welcomed his seventh child with girlfriend Tiffany Chen, who gave birth at 38. Speaking about fatherhood at the “About My Father” premiere, he described it as a mystery and a mix of fear and excitement. Ultimately, the actor said the important thing is “you do your best.”

Robert De Niro’s Seven Children

When De Niro married Abbott in 1976, he lovingly adopted her daughter, Drena, from a previous relationship. Drena grew up on film sets thanks to her famous dad. She then began getting gigs as a model, DJ, and actress. He adopted her as his own before they separated in 1988.Despite living such public lives as celebrities, one thing Drena has learned from her dad is to keep their personal lives private. “No matter what you’re doing publicly, you have that core of something that you protect,” she once said.

She never details her family’s day-to-day lives in interviews. Rather, she’d speak about them more generally. Sadly, De Niro and Abbott’s marriage ended in 1988, but that didn’t mean Drena’s relationship with her father ended too. In fact, they were often seen attending events together through the years.


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