Rhea Perlman Reveals She and Danny DeVito Have Become First-Time Grandparents to a Baby Girl

Rhea Perlman Reveals She and Danny DeVito Have Become First-Time Grandparents to a Baby Girl

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are grandparents for the very first time!

During an appearance on the most recent podcast episode of Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Perlman, 75, shared the exciting news. Perlman responded, “that my children have grown, and one of them had a grandchild,” when asked what the best part of being her age was.”It just happened seven weeks ago,” she revealed. “It’s amazing. Everybody said it’ll change your life when you have a grandchild, and it does.”

Although she did not reveal which of her and DeVito’s three children has become a parent, she said they welcomed a baby girl, whose name is Sinclair Lucille DeVito, with Perlman noting, “They kept the name DeVito even though she’s married and her husband is not DeVito, but that’s what they chose.”

“There’s a certain love, I mean I felt it when my own children were born, the kind of love I never felt before for anything, and I had felt love — for my husband, for other people in my family, for a boyfriend here or there. But this was a profound kind of feeling, and here it is again.” “They can do no wrong. Looking at a new human being is so amazing, that people create other people. It’s mindboggling.” “I’m spending a considerable amount of time, but trying not to get in their face every day. But we live pretty close together. I live in the east side of LA and so do they, so it’s an easy 10 minute drive.”

Perlman said she wants to be called “Grandma Rhee Rhee” or just “Rhee Rhee.” As for parenting advice, she offered, “Be there for them for any situation you need them for. Be there for them when you want to be, but don’t overwhelm them.”

Perlman and DeVito began dating in 1971 and married in January 1982. The pair separated in October 2012 after 30 years of marriage and over 40 years together, and later reconciled in March 2013. The couple, who split again in March 2017, and share children Jacob, 34, Grace, 37, Lucy, 39.


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