NFL’s Ryan Kelly and Wife Reveal They’re Expecting Twins After Pregnancy Loss

NFL’s Ryan Kelly and Wife Reveal They’re Expecting Twins After Pregnancy Loss

Ryan Kelly, an NFL player, and his wife Emma are expecting two rainbow babies.
The couple affirms solely to Individuals that they are expecting twin young men, following an almost two-drawn out venture that incorporated the passing of girl Mary Kate 19 weeks into Emma’s pregnancy, ripeness battles and in vitro preparation.

“My gratitude, I can’t even tell you,” Emma, 33, tells. “There was a time when I really wasn’t sure if we were going to get here. I am literally so grateful for each day.”

Admitting that it has been a “tough pregnancy physically,” Emma calls their twins “miracles.”

“There’s a lot more risk involved this time. I was on bed rest for my first trimester, which was really tough and took a lot out of me,” she explains. “But at the end of the day, every bit of it has been worth it — to feel them and watch us grow.”Passing the halfway mark of the pregnancy has been “pretty bittersweet” for the couple. Emma was 19 weeks pregnant with the couple’s first baby when she learned her daughter’s “little heart just stopped for reasons unknown” and she would have to deliver the baby.

“There’s a lot of emotion involved right now with just surpassing that bittersweet milestone. And now, making it further than ever,” Emma says.”
The Indianapolis Colts center, 30, says he knew there would be some attention in sharing their daughter’s death. What he never imagined, however, was the outpouring of support that came after he revealed that a big game he missed was due to Mary Kate’s death.
“At the time, we just shared it because we were getting a lot of questions. We were playing a big game, and people wanted to know why I wasn’t there. So we shared it initially so that people would stop asking,” Ryan says. “The unforeseen side effect was all these people reaching out to us sharing their story of loss — whether it’s five months ago, five days or 50 years ago.”

“It didn’t bring our daughter back, but what happened in that moment, people reaching out that had gone through a similar situation, it was incredible,” he adds.

“We wondered, ‘How could this happen to us?’ We felt like the only ones out there, but then you hear people’s stories and it helped us tell ours and keep our daughter’s name alive, to honor her in a sense. It definitely helped our healing.”

Finding a community with hope helped the couple as they tried to navigate how they’d move forward in growing their family after Mary Kate’s death.
“Ryan and I have always wanted to be parents. It was this fairy tale, and it was too good to be true, with our big beautiful wedding and surprise pregnancy with our daughter,” says Emma.


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