Maye Musk on Aging as a Model: ‘I’m 75 and Doing Just Fine’

Maye Musk on Aging as a Model: ‘I’m 75 and Doing Just Fine’

One thing’s without a doubt, Maye Musk isn’t feeling imperceptible.

The model and dietician — and mother of extremely rich person Elon Musk — focused on demonstrating at a more seasoned age and how she remains in shape.At the 29th Annual amfAR Gala Cannes red carpet, Musk addressed the notion that women over a certain age are sometimes seen as “invisible.”

“I’m 75 and I’m doing just fine,” She adds, ”But the thing is, as a dietician, I didn’t have any age problems.” Musk, who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit last year at age 74, continued. “But as a model, they want me as an older model. So I never had to worry about it. But it used to be… Sears house coats, and now it’s front covers. And red carpets!”

Musk also chatted about how she stays in such good shape. “I’m a dietician, so I eat very well,” she shares. “Then I’m medium active. I’m not overactive because you hurt yourself. I’ve tried that and I’ve hurt myself, so I do that. Then I have a positive attitude and am happy with things.” Her last piece of advice for staying fit? “Stay out of the sun, definitely!”

The model and her famous son made headlines last year when a profile in The Times in the U.K., revealed that when she visited Elon, she stayed in the garage.

Without going into specifics, Musk said that when she visits her son in Texas — where SpaceX headquarters are located — she has to “sleep in the garage.” “You can’t have a fancy house near a rocket site,” she told the outlet.

At Thursday night’s gala, she talked more about her sleeping arrangements when she travels.

“I used to stay in my mom’s garage when I’d visit her in Canada, because she didn’t have a guest room. We’ve stayed on floors, we’ve slept on couches,” the dietician says.


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