Lisa Hartman Black Celebrated 67 with Look-Alike Daughter from Marriage Nurtured & Protected for 31 Years

Lisa Hartman Black Celebrated 67 with Look-Alike Daughter from Marriage Nurtured & Protected for 31 Years

American singer and actress Lisa Hartman Black became famous for her role in “Knots Landing” from 1982 to 1986. She also made music, and “If Love Must Go” is her most well-known song.

Presently, Lisa is 67 and has a delightful family with her significant other of 31 years, Clint Dark. Along with numerous fans and friends, her daughter, with whom she runs the family business, wished her a happy birthday.

Lisa has taken a step back from the Hollywood spotlight and enjoys spending time with her family.

She exhibited this when she posted a video of herself, her daughter, and her husband taking a walk together to promote a TV special in 2022.

The former actress turned 67 on June 1st, 2023, and her daughter was among the first to wish her a happy birthday. Lily Pearl Black took to Instagram, where she shared a photo carousel of pictures of her mother.

Lily thanked her mother for being her mom, best friend, and role model. She admitted wanting to be her mother when she grew up and said she loved her mother very much.One of the photos in the carousel was also featured in a 2021 Instagram post that Lisa made. It is a mirror selfie that her daughter took of the pair.

Fans loved the photo, and one noted how Lily looked just like her mother, who also earned praises. The fan wrote:

“Lisa… you are ageless and a beauty….”Lily grew up with her parents in the midst of their happy and loving marriage. The couple has often been asked how they did it. They have not been shy about sharing their secrets to their lasting union.

Lisa Hartman Black Reveals the Secrets of Her 31-Year Marriage



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Lisa and Clint met backstage at one of his concerts in 1990 on New Year’s Eve. Clint had no idea who Lisa was, but when the couple met, they admitted it was like the world went into slow motion. Clint and Lisa, who embarked on their first joint tour in 2021, have captivated fans’ hearts with their sweet love for one another and their enduring relationship in a world where most marriages suffer.Clint also said his wife had had an enormous influence on his life and that any love song he wrote after they met had something to do with who they were as a couple. They even released a few duets together.

Lily Also Became A Singer


When Lisa met her husband, she set aside her singing career. She mentioned that she had done what she wanted to in the music industry and knew her husband’s music career was more extensive and needed more attention. She told him she would not record the song with him and that he ought to find a real singer to do it. When he asked her why she wouldn’t record the song with him, she revealed she was fearful because it seemed like a big deal. The couple’s daughter has also dipped her toes in the singing pool.



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Lisa had watched her daughter develop a love for animals growing up and thought Lily would be a veterinarian. However, that assumption soon disappeared. One day, Lisa and Clint heard their daughter singing and realized she would probably not be a vet. Their thoughts were later confirmed when their daughter became interested in singing.


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