Lady Gaga Is Fresh-Faced (and Funny!) in All-Natural TikTok Video

Lady Gaga Is Fresh-Faced (and Funny!) in All-Natural TikTok Video

“At the point when I saw this I resembled wow she seems to be Woman Crazy. After that, I thought, “Wow, she is Lady Gaga.”

That was a remark made in response to the pop star’s most recent TikTok post, in which fans noticed that Gaga appeared slightly different from when she graced the social media app in the past.The 37-year-old Chromatica singer posted a short 10-second video Thursday where she spun into the frame, whipping her hair around and dancing to the beat of Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Princess Diana.”

With four of her Haus Labs lipsticks in her hands and the shade of maple matter on her lips, she grooved to the lyrics in a black tank top, holding the four tubes up to the camera and ending the video on Minaj’s exclamation “grr” while making the same expression on her painted lips.Gaga captioned the video, which has already been viewed more than 10 million times, “These NEUTRALS are HOT LIKE THIS RECORD [lipstick emoji] [kissy lips emoji] @HausLabs (Grr… I’m wearing maple matte [winky face emoji].”

Users in the comments section pointed out that Gaga’s appearance is noticeably changed in the video, noting that her more natural glam, youthful glow and lack of an over-the-top outfit make this look more like a “Lady Gaga lookalike” than the star herself.Most of the comments were full of support for the star, calling her “MOTHER” and writing things like “aged like fine wine.”

The last time one of Gaga’s videos caused such a commotion was around her makeup-free Oscars performance in March.After the Oscar winner performed her nominated song “Hold My Hand” with no makeup at the awards show, Gaga shared a behind-the-scenes video to TikTok of herself rehearsing the Top Gun: Maverick song at a piano in a hotel room after getting all glammed up. “The rehearsal no one saw. Love you all, thanks for being so supportive of a song that means so much to me,” wrote Gaga in the caption with a red heart emoji.

She wore the same sheer black Versace gown in the video that she sported on the red carpet before going makeup-free in a black T-shirt, ripped jeans and sneakers while performing onstage.

Gaga explained the song is “deeply personal for me” during her intro, adding: “I think that we all need each other. We need a lot of love to walk through this life.


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