Joan Rivers Remembered by Daughter Melissa and Grandson Cooper on What Would’ve Been Her 90th Birthday

Joan Rivers Remembered by Daughter Melissa and Grandson Cooper on What Would’ve Been Her 90th Birthday

Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers’ daughter, paused on Wednesday to pay tribute to her late mother in honor of the legendary comedian’s 90th birthday.

Melissa filmed herself and her son Cooper having a conversation about what they think Joan would have been like at 90.”The same one-liners, the same good jokes,” Cooper guessed of his grandmother if she were still alive. Joan died in 2014 at age 81. “A grandmother’s love for their grandchildren is like nothing else. I know she’d be so proud of the man Cooper has become,” Melissa captioned the video. “I’m sharing memories of my mother from family and friends. What do you think she’d be most surprised by today if she were still alive?” “I think she’d be proud of me,” Cooper continued in the video. “I think she’d spoil me. I don’t think that’s changing with age.”

Melissa and her son commiserated about the way Joan somehow turned everyone’s birthday into a celebration for Cooper. “What do you think she’d get you for her 90th birthday?” Melissa joked. “Something extravagant,” Cooper replied. Melissa then pivoted, asking her son what he missed most about his grandmother. “She was just so caring,” he said, “and wanted to show up to everything I was doing and gave me her full support on everything I was doing, no matter what it was, what decisions I was making. She just always had my back.”

Melissa agreed with Cooper’s memory of Joan’s dedication to him. “One of the most frustrating things for me,” she said with a smile, “was you would know you were in trouble, and you would run to her room and lay in the bed with her. And I’ll never forget her looking around, looking in the bed like, ‘What are you going to do now?'”

Cooper smiled, remembering the pattern fondly. He and his mom laughed as they discussed a few more favorite memories before Melissa concluded with a question about what Cooper would want to say to his grandmother now. “Love you, miss you, wish you were here,” he said. “Miss the one-liners like crazy. I hope everything is good up there, down there, up there.”

His final conjecture about wherever Joan is in the afterlife sparked laughter from his mother and the other people on the other side of the camera. “Said like a true member of our family,” Melissa said.

Melissa didn’t specify what she would say to her mom in the video, but she spoke to ET about the subject in November last year. “There’s so many things. One is, ‘Oh god, I wish you could be watching the news right now,'” Melissa joked, before adding, “Number two, what I would say, in all seriousness, is that I would tell her that she would be really proud of my son, of her grandson.”

Melissa’s chat with ET took place at the Television Academy’s Hall of Fame, where a bust of the elder Rivers was unveiled. “It’s such an achievement to be here and to have been inducted and to actually be in the garden,” Melissa said of her mom, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017, three years after her death. “It’s great. It’s lovely. You know what the nice thing is? She will now officially be ageless.”

As for how Joan would feel about the bust, Melissa said, “The most important thing is she’d be happy with how she looks.”


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