Longtime Corpus Christi resident celebrates 100th birthday

Longtime Corpus Christi resident celebrates 100th birthday

At Community of Faith Church, family and friends celebrated Dorothy Pulliam’s 100th birthday. CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas

Dorothy’s family let 3NEWS know that she has experienced everything, from the very first times magazine distribution to the creation of TV.They explained that the birthday girl’s mind is sharp as ever and she can tell you everything about the 100-years of history she has lived through. “I don’t feel 100, it just went by so fast,” Pulliam said.

Dorothy’s nephew, Alan Foster spoke with 3NEWS and said, “I think of this scripture in proverbs where it says she looks at the future and smiles.” He said, “I can’t think of another person on this planet that can look at the future and smile like my aunt Dorothy and the hope and the faith that she has always encouraged me.”

Happy birthday to you Dorothy and may you enjoy many more happy and healthy years ahead!


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