Graying Tom Hanks Looks at Wife with Love on 35th Anniversary after Worrying Fans with His ‘Shaking Hands’

Graying Tom Hanks Looks at Wife with Love on 35th Anniversary after Worrying Fans with His ‘Shaking Hands’

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in April 2023 with a sweet social media photo! The special occasion came months after he worried fans over how he looked.

The couple’s relationship might be going strong, but it started controversially. In 1981, Tom met the woman who’d be his wife, Wilson, on the set of “Bosom Buddies,” but back then, he was still married to Samantha Lewes.

The actor had been featured on the show for two seasons while the actress had a role in one episode. According to Wilson, their connection as friends was an instant one, and in 2020, the actress said the first impression she had of Tom was that he was a good storyteller, something she loved in people, and automatically, she liked that about him.

However, he also made her laugh all the time. Four years later, they got to reunite again in the movie “Volunteers” where they happened to play a couple, with the “Forrest Gump” star later confessing: “Rita and I just looked at each other and — kaboing — that was that. I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn’t be denied.”

In 1986, the couple made their red carpet debut amid Tom’s divorce at the premiere of “Three Amigos.” The following year, the actor’s divorce became official, and it was revealed that he and his first wife had been separated long before he started seeing the actress.

On April 30, 1988, Wilson and Tom married, with him once noting that their relationship was successful because they had timing, an intimate connection, and maturity. The star said that he realized he had to change his life when they tied the knot.

He revealed that their relationship wasn’t magic, but their connection was real. However, he confessed that marriage sometimes came close to being “hell in a handbasket,” but they both knew they’d be together and overcome any challenges.

The “Cast Away” star said he first fell for Wilson when he saw her in her 1972 “The Brady Bunch” television debut. At the time, he was at a friend’s home and recalled thinking the actress was “cute.”

In 2016, Tom said, since their union, he randomly played the show on YouTube and all the other shows and movies his second wife was in. The year after the couple married, Tom won a Golden Globe for “Big” and mentioned his new wife in his speech.

The “Toy Story” star said he’d married “a Greek babe” born in California. He shared how great Wilson’s parents were, that she was “marvelous” before thanking her for marrying him, and that she’d made his year on top of the Best Actor win.

In 1990, the couple had their son, Chet, and five years later, they welcomed another baby boy, Truman. The pair had four children as Tom shared two children, Elizabeth and Colin, with the late Lewes.

In 2019, the actor said he and Wilson married, committed, loved each other, and worked hard on making their relationship a success. The “Runaway Bride” star revealed that they not only loved each other, but they liked each other and being together.

The couple was supportive and consistently communicated. At one point, Tom’s fans were concerned about him after seeing what he looked like on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” months ahead of his 35th anniversary with Wilson.

Why Did Fans Worry about Tom’s Health?
In January 2023, Tom appeared on Stephen Colbert’s talk show, discussing the previous year’s holidays and celebrations. He revealed that he’d invented a different drink called The Diet Cokagne and proceeded to make his creation in front of the audience.\

As he poured the Diet Coke into glasses, fans noticed his hand shook and became concerned about his health. He mentioned that he only drank Diet Coke because he had type 2 diabetes, with one fan commenting: “I was a bit concerned as Mr. Hank’s hand shook while pouring the coke…”

Another person said they could see the actor’s hands “shaking” quite “dramatically in some moves” and hoped he was okay. A worried follower, a longtime fan, noted how they were the same age as Tom and that he was “looking old” like they were.

The person concluded by sharing that Wilson’s husband’s films were “always great.” A fourth person was concerned about the actor because of how his hand shook as he poured the soda, while someone else said they were “saddened” by how the passing of time was noticeable in how “old he looks now” at age 66.

Another YouTube user wondered if Tom was “sick” because of how his hands shook. Someone else asked if the star had Parkinson’s Disease, allegedly characterized by shaking hands and the rolling of the finger and thumb.

A social media user also noted that Wilson’s husband was “really thin.” In 2022, it was revealed that when Tom was featured in 2013’s “The Late Show,” he seemed unbothered by his diabetes diagnosis and admitted to having high blood sugar for over 20 years.

For two decades, he was in between diagnoses with pre and type 2 diabetes. The “A Man Called Otto” star’s doctor told him he’d advanced from the high blood sugar numbers he’d lived with since age 36 and was now type

Tom might not have had pre-diabetic symptoms because his blood sugars were higher than the norm but not enough to be type 2. When diagnosed with pre-diabetes, half of the cases of type 2 diabetes could be delayed or prevented with proper support.


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