Grandma Saves for 4 Years to Buy Granddaughter a Prom Gown – She Had the ‘Most Beautiful’ Dress at Prom

Grandma Saves for 4 Years to Buy Granddaughter a Prom Gown – She Had the ‘Most Beautiful’ Dress at Prom

Jayden Shatzer demonstrated to followers of her TikTok account that she had a grandmother named Kim who had no limits when it came to her grandchildren. The fun viral clasp incorporated the banner and her grandma together.

When the high school student revealed that her grandmother had gone above and beyond to make sure she looked her best for her prom, she made people on social media envious. Greencastle Antrim Senior High School was where the adolescent went to school.

In the post’s caption, Jayden showed off when she encouraged other social media users to “get a grandma like mine.” The caption included a smiley face emoticon with red hearts surrounding it, emphasizing how loved the teenager felt.

The poster’s grandmother budgeted for years so her granddaughter could look extra special on her prom night. However, how she saved up was unique, and the total was impressive!

How Jayden’s Grandmother Got Her a Prom Dress?


Jayden couldn’t keep the moment to herself when she and Kim finally got to count the money she’d saved up for four years. Her TikTok clip, which received millions of views and thousands of comments, started with her explaining how her grandmother began saving pennies when she became a high school student.The social media user’s grandmother appeared smiling in the clip. Around them and at their feet sat several plastic and glass containers where Jayden’s grandparent had been collecting the coins.


The duo had gone to the bank together to cash in the money. Her grandmother had gathered the money so she could buy Jayden a prom dress for her high school event, and at the bank, they recorded as they poured the pennies into a coin-counting machine.The TikToker couldn’t help but gush over her loving grandparent as they continued counting their change. Jayden laughed when she revealed that she and Kim jammed the coin-counting machine at one point but kept going.

As they patiently waited for the machine to count, the teenager noted how “cute” her caring grandmother was. The high school student’s grandparents accumulated 35,700 pennies over the years.



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On February 25, 2023, Jayden created a follow-up TikTok video where she shared that the total the coins came up to was $357. However, the bank took five percent of the money, meaning they left with $340, which was more than enough for her prom gown.She also revealed that her grandmother wasn’t aware she was being recorded for TikTok and was surprised by how the video went viral! Jayden didn’t leave her followers hanging and posted another update about the dress.

Fans React to Jayden’s Prom Dress and Kim’s Generous Gesture
On May 7, 2023, Jayden returned to TikTok to update people curious to see what dress she bought with the savings her grandmother had gathered. She called her outfit the “penny prom dress” and showed a view of her wearing it at her high school prom.


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