Freida Pinto talks about postpartum journey; Reveals husband Cory said ‘you need to start seeing a therapist’

Freida Pinto talks about postpartum journey; Reveals husband Cory said ‘you need to start seeing a therapist’

Freida Pinto, an actress, got married to photographer Cory Tran. In November 2021, they had their first child, a son named Rumi-Ray. Freida Pinto has spoken out about her postpartum journey and how she dealt with anxiety after having her first child, Rumi, two years ago. She stated that although the first three months following delivery were blissful, anxiety began to increase after that.

Freida Pinto talks about her postpartum journey
In an episode of the podcast ‘It Sure Is A Beautiful Day’ with Catt Sadler, Freida Pinto said that the first three months post the birth of her son were blissful. “But it really hit me after first three months. In the fourth month when I flew back to LA, and I was ready to kind of dip my toe back into work, the anxiety really started building.

I was feeling like ‘I can’t do this, what have I done, the baby’s always screaming’.” She then added, “I remember crying so much and feeling so alone and my parents had just about left to fly back to India and my husband was like you need to start seeing a therapist. The things you were saying and the things you are doing it is also feeling very self-sabotaging. You need the sleep but you are sitting up trying to fix things and plan things.”



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Freida Pinto added that it was her anxiety that was getting the better of her, and that it is completely normal. “And the fact that I can say today it is so normal. It was horrible, but I’m happy I went through that because I can relate better. If my entire journey was without any hiccups, then I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about my postpartum journey,” said Freida.

Freida also shared a video clip of this conversation on Instagram, and wrote, “I had a very candid conversation with @iamcattsadler about one of the most meaningful chapters of my life . We covered big topics surrounding my postpartum journey, marriage and career on her podcast “It Sure Is A Beautiful Day”.” Mindy Kaling commented, “You’re the best,” while Catt Sadler wrote, “Thank you for coming on and sharing of yourself in this way, Freida. You help so many other women in doing so !”


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