Bride Goes Viral After Spending $1,950 on Chili’s Takeout for Her 100-Guest Wedding: ‘Can’t Beat the Price’

Bride Goes Viral After Spending $1,950 on Chili’s Takeout for Her 100-Guest Wedding: ‘Can’t Beat the Price’

When Madison Mulkey planned her recent wedding in Savannah, Georgia, she was certain that she wanted to serve the entire Chili’s menu to the guests.

She stated in a May 14 TikTok video, “We loved the price point, I mean you really can’t beat that price point — you just can’t.” It’s crazy that we just burned through that much cash for our wedding food.”In the viral clip Mulkey, who got married in March, revealed that she and her husband spent a total of $1,950 on their wedding dinner, which served 99 guests.

While they saved cash by going with the catering option, Mulkey revealed that serving Chili’s takeout required a lot more work on the backend. “Normally, when you order from Chili’s, they deliver it … they bring it, set it all up. It’s already made, people can just serve,” she explained.

But because their nuptials took place over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the restaurant was slammed and the food had to be picked up 7 hours before it was due to be served at the reception. Mulkey added that she was lucky that her aunt, who works in food service was able to help organize, label and properly prep the dinner so that it was hot and ready by the time the guests were ready to eat.

“We had to have our hired servers who were really supposed to be cleaning, serving, preparing, really do a lot of the cooking, and my coordinator kind of had to show them what to do and take on a role that she wasn’t really supposed to do and they weren’t supposed to do either,” Mulvey said. “But everyone made it work, thank goodness.”

She added: “Our situation was rare. “I’m sure of you order from Chili’s in any other regard they would serve it and it would all be like so hassle free.”Still, Mulkey raved about the dinner. “The food was amazing and other people said so, too,” she said, adding, “But they could have been lying to us.”

As for the menu itself, Mulkey and her husband chose a number of items to meet their guests’ needs. Everything from chicken tender sliders to egg rolls, pasta and salad were served. “I mean, it was the perfect meal for our wedding. I’m so happy we chose Chili’s.”The internet’s reaction to Mulkey’s choice of food was mixed.

While one user wrote, “I would be so hype to find out the wedding food was Chili’s,” another slammed the added work that the meal placed on the hired workers.”As a wedding planner that is so unfair to the planner and servers,” one user commented.

Another wrote that she served Chipotle at her wedding, but “put it in fancier containers and people thought we got a custom taco bar.” The verified Chili’s account hyped up its bridal customer: “Iconic,” they posted.


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