Blake Lively gets trolled for her pants on ‘It Ends With Us’ set; Details inside

Blake Lively gets trolled for her pants on ‘It Ends With Us’ set; Details inside

Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Brandon Skelnar will star in the film adaptation of Coleen Hoover’s novel “It Ends With Us.” Since it began filming, the upcoming movie has only received criticism from ardent readers of the book, and today is no exception. An image of Blake Vivacious from the sets is making adjusts on the web, and the film is being banged for its styling decisions once more.

Blake Lively gets slammed for her pants

Blake Lively was roped in for the role of Lily Bloom, a florist, who likes to wear quirky pieces of clothing, unlike the book character, in this movie adaption of ‘It Ends With Us’. Several pictures of Blake have surfaced on the internet where she is dressed in “ugly” pieces of clothing, and the fans are not pleased, to say the least. Fans of the book and the actress, are calling out the styling department of the movie.

Blake is seen wearing a set of patterned blue boxers pulled up above her belly button and another pair of boldly patterned pants above the boxers. On top, she sports a blue crop top, stripped yellow jacket, and a mustard leather jacket as the last layer.


Blake Lively gets trolled

This is not the first time the fans have questioned the fashion faux pas committed by the styling departments on the set of the upcoming movie. Previous photos from the shoots that landed on the internet were criticized, but the boxer over pants is what really seems to have pushed the fans over to the edge. A Tiktok shared by the account @chaitealattesandchilton has several comments that express the rage fans are feeling towards the costumes.

One user commented, “Every photo that’s released just keeps getting worse and worse.” Another added, “This feels like a prank now.”

A third drew parallels with the book as they questioned, “Where in the books did it say Lily wore multiple pairs of pants?”


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