‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Daisy and Colin Make Out as Yachties Bed-Hop — Find Out Who Made the First Move

‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Daisy and Colin Make Out as Yachties Bed-Hop — Find Out Who Made the First Move

Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae finally got together on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a relationship that had been years in the making and was surprising hot. On this week’s episode, however, Parsifal III’s yachties weren’t the only ones having a good time.Monday’s episode began with business as usual as the crew members finished out their latest charter. Of course, Sailing Yacht’s cruising Casanova Gary King found time between his first mate duties to cozy up to stewardess Madison “Mads” Herrera and check in on the status on their relationship in the wake of two recent hookups.

Mads wasn’t exactly eager to lock Gary down, which may have him especially punchy and attention-seeking leading into crew’s night out. After the charter guests had disembarked, and the yachties had loaded into two vans — one full of all the women on board plus Gary, another occupied by the other guys on the crew — Gary stirred up a world of drama by telling the ladies what the men on crew thought of them.

“You want to know what we’re all saying, what the guys are saying?” Gary asked a bit too eagerly. “So what we’re saying is, everyone loves Daisy to bits — but as much they’d love to f— her, they are very scared of Daisy and don’t want to get on her wrong side.”

She laughed, quipping, “Yeah, but scary f—ing is fun f—ing” — but the remark, and its implication that Daisy was undesirable, had clearly gotten to her. (That’s been the case with just about everything Gary had said or done this season, and their pair’s fellow friends on the crew — Colin especially — haven’t been shy in attributing their clashes to residual tension from Gary and Daisy’s one-and-done hot tub fling last season.)

“I really wish Gary hadn’t opened his f—ing mouth,” Daisy said to her crewmates, including stewardess Lucy Edmunds, who said Gary had basically called her “a bloke,” and Mads, who Lucy said Gary had “c—blocked” since their tryst. (Chef Ileisha Dell was unfazed by the candor since Gary’s only feedback was that the guys wished she didn’t have a boyfriend.)

Daisy declared, “Now I literally want to f— you all, now that I know I’m unf—able.”

Recognizing his misstep, Gary opened the door and jokingly jumped out of the van — while it was traveling down the middle an active highway. Getting back in, he clumsily backpedaled: “All the guys want to f— Daisy, and I might have said that myself too.”

Mads didn’t sugarcoat it, telling him, “I feel like you made all the girls feel worse.”


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