24 Photos Of Martina McBride’s 3 Daughters – Delaney, Emma, & Ava

24 Photos Of Martina McBride’s 3 Daughters – Delaney, Emma, & Ava

Martina The Mother

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Martina McBride was one of the most popular artists in country music. During those years she earned numerous hit singles, including songs such as “A Broken Wing,” “Wild Angels,” and “This One’s For the Girls.”

She was also one of the most decorated female vocalists in the industry, earning awards and nominations from the CMA, ACM, and the Grammys.But right in the height of her career, Martina made the decision to spend less time on the road and more time at home. Why? Because she became a mother. Martina and her husband, John, welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Delaney, on December 22, 1994. She was followed by a second child on March 29, 1998, another girl. Martina and John named her Emma.

Country fans were introduced to the girls at a young age when they both had starring roles in the music video for their mom’s heartwarming single, “Blessed.” The video was released in late 2001, meaning the girls were only seven and three when it was filmed.

But the McBrides weren’t done adding to their brood. Another daughter came into the world on June 20, 2005, and they named her Ava.

The Girls Have Grown Up So Much… Even prior to Ava’s birth, Martina had scaled back her schedule significantly, saying she was willing to put touring on hold so she could be a present figure in her daughters’ lives.

Thanks to Martina and John, the girls have become lovely and kindhearted young women.

While it seems like they were just born, they are already all grown up. Boy how time flies! So you can see just how grown up the McBride girls are now, we’ve gathered 10+ photos that show you how they’ve changed since the last time you saw them. Go ahead and look through those photos below! Martina’s daughters don’t just have a country singer as a mom, they apparently like attending other country artists’ concerts as well!

Back in the summer of 2016, Martina and her two eldest, Delaney and Emma, went to go support another country music superstar…Tim McGraw! And of course, they had to take a photo together to mark the occasion. In the caption, Martina recalled how she opened for Tim years ago when she was just getting started in her career. “…and all these years later he’s still absolutely killing it,” she wrote.

Martina shared not one, but two photos to celebrate youngest daughter Ava’s 12th birthday in 2017. The first photo shows the little McBride and her mama trying out a cute bunny filter on their faces, and they both look sweet as can be!

If you scroll through the slideshow, you’ll see a second photo of just Ava, without the bunny filter this time around. She’s growing up to look more and more like her big sisters with each passing day. Part of growing up means spreading your wings and taking off on your own, which is exactly what Emma did in September 2017. She stopped to take this loving photograph with her mother before heading off to chase her dreams as an actress in California.

Martina reflected on the emotional day in the photo’s caption, writing, “And the world will fall in love with her. Because she has that kind of magic. And that kind of heart…You know I believe in you and I’m so proud of you my brave, sweet girl. I love you.”


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